Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Preparing for Second Round Interviews

Award-winning entrepreneur Ted Catino co-founded the mobile application GigSmart to help job seekers access the opportunities presented by the gig economy. Ted Catino also leverages 30 years of business experience into his role as an interview coach. 

Being called back for a second job interview indicates that the employer has a strong interest in the candidate. As a result, second interviews tend to focus much more on the tasks related to the position. Employers may present potential hires with realistic workplace issues in order to assess their problem-solving skills in real time. Candidates should be ready to discuss their performance on past projects to demonstrate their ability to do the job effectively.

Second interviews are also an opportunity for both the job seeker and the employer to gauge if the company is a good cultural fit. Interviewees can show genuine interest by asking informed questions and being personable with all staff. To make the best possible impression, applicants should prepare beforehand by practicing interview scenarios with a family member, friend, or interview coach.

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