Wednesday, January 9, 2019

GigSmart Get Workers Version 1.4 - An Overview

The former owner of a finance company, Ted Catino currently serves as the founding partner and chief investment officer of 625 investments in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to his work in the investment sphere, Ted Catino supports Catholic education through the Catino Family Foundation and manages the startup technology firm GigSmart.

As co-CEO of GigSmart, Mr. Catino applies his passion to help individuals find work and volunteer opportunities. A technology firm, GigSmart provides a patented platform that connects job seekers, organizations, and facilitates. Moreover, the platform offers a no-cost solution for charities to manage volunteers. 

Currently, two GigSmart applications are available for smartphones through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store - GIGSMART Get Gigs for job seekers and GIGSMART Get Workers for employers. The GIGSMART Get Workers application was recently updated to version 1.4, which provided minor fixes and enhancements to the user interface that included the removal of the profile photo requirement. The update also allows users seeking volunteers to use the app without entering payment information. In addition, GIGSMART Get Workers users can now provide their location to assist with searches and will be prompted for notifications following each initial search.

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