Tuesday, March 5, 2019

GigSmart Offers Multiple Advantages for Independent Workers

In 2016, entrepreneur Ted Catino debuted the mobile app GigSmart to connect companies and gig workers on terms beneficial to both. Through GigSmart, Ted Catino assists interested gig economy workers in quickly accessing new opportunities, and businesses and nonprofits in hiring motivated people as the need arises. 

From a worker’s point of view, time is money. Instead of having to actively scroll through numerous gig job ads, or undergo lengthy and often-onerous screening and vetting processes company-by-company, workers can use GigSmart to find work and get paid faster. 

It’s simple: Create a profile that highlights individual skills and value-added services. Choose a rate of compensation for these services. By building a profile and a steady stream of accomplishments along with client feedback, a worker enjoys the opportunity to become increasingly more trusted and marketable to a range of top-tier businesses. 

A business is able to search worker profiles to find the right skills, then send job requests to individual workers. And after the successful completion of a project, a worker is paid 100 percent of earnings, directly through the app.

GigSmart is free for workers, with business customers paying a low 10 percent surcharge to the app in return for the facilitation of the transaction. 

The tech news publication AmericanInno, noting the app’s increasing name recognition and applicability, has referred to it as an “Uber” for independent job-seekers. The GigSmart app is indeed so multifunctional that Mr. Catino has secured two patents covering its platform.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

GigSmart Get Workers Version 1.4 - An Overview

The former owner of a finance company, Ted Catino currently serves as the founding partner and chief investment officer of 625 investments in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to his work in the investment sphere, Ted Catino supports Catholic education through the Catino Family Foundation and manages the startup technology firm GigSmart.

As co-CEO of GigSmart, Mr. Catino applies his passion to help individuals find work and volunteer opportunities. A technology firm, GigSmart provides a patented platform that connects job seekers, organizations, and facilitates. Moreover, the platform offers a no-cost solution for charities to manage volunteers. 

Currently, two GigSmart applications are available for smartphones through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store - GIGSMART Get Gigs for job seekers and GIGSMART Get Workers for employers. The GIGSMART Get Workers application was recently updated to version 1.4, which provided minor fixes and enhancements to the user interface that included the removal of the profile photo requirement. The update also allows users seeking volunteers to use the app without entering payment information. In addition, GIGSMART Get Workers users can now provide their location to assist with searches and will be prompted for notifications following each initial search.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Preparing for Second Round Interviews

Award-winning entrepreneur Ted Catino co-founded the mobile application GigSmart to help job seekers access the opportunities presented by the gig economy. Ted Catino also leverages 30 years of business experience into his role as an interview coach. 

Being called back for a second job interview indicates that the employer has a strong interest in the candidate. As a result, second interviews tend to focus much more on the tasks related to the position. Employers may present potential hires with realistic workplace issues in order to assess their problem-solving skills in real time. Candidates should be ready to discuss their performance on past projects to demonstrate their ability to do the job effectively.

Second interviews are also an opportunity for both the job seeker and the employer to gauge if the company is a good cultural fit. Interviewees can show genuine interest by asking informed questions and being personable with all staff. To make the best possible impression, applicants should prepare beforehand by practicing interview scenarios with a family member, friend, or interview coach.

Monday, March 12, 2018

What Are the Benefits of Searching for Work with GigSmart?

GigSmart Was founded in 2016 by Theodore “Ted” Catino and his wife. Ted Catino is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who operates the Catino Family Foundation to support Catholic education. GigSmart operates a comprehensive and seamless marketplace for employers and independent contractors. A mobile-based application, the GigSmart platform also provides a no-cost solution for charitable organizations seeking volunteers. Businesses enjoy access to a pool of skilled on-demand workers, while independent contractors enjoy a number of benefits that include:

- A simplified process. Workers can start accepting work offers after the completion of a profile.

- The flexibility to accept or decline jobs at will. 

- The ability to set price, schedule, and hours available to work.

- Little to no maintenance requirements, as the application automatically tracks work history and user ratings.

- A commitment by GigSmart to provide the fastest and easiest platform for work and volunteer opportunities.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Workers and Employers Benefit from the Gig Economy

An experienced entrepreneur, Theodore “Ted” Catino cofounded Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation (SNAAC). Ted Catino now leverages more than two decades of business leadership to help businesses, nonprofits, and individuals navigate the gig economy as co-founder of GigSmart.

The gig economy offers several benefits to workers, most notably, flexibility. People working in the gig economy often have more freedom to work from home or work part-time while caring for children. Although this flexibility does not always lead to a stable income, it can be ideal for people who want to make their own schedule. Further, it allows people to work while making longer-term plans, such as figuring out where they want to live.

Workers also benefit from the relatively few barriers to most gig economy work. This gives them the chance to try new passions and improve their skill sets. Much of this work can also be done on the side, so workers can explore these fields without the risk of leaving their current job for something they may not enjoy as much.

Workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the gig economy. Because gig workers are typically classified as independent contractors rather than full-time employees, employers are able to hire them at a much lower cost while avoiding the expenses of insurance and other fees associated with full-timers. Employers also have the option of hiring remote workers in different time zones, ultimately increasing productivity.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Benefits of GigSmart for Job Seekers

An accomplished business executive, Theodore (Ted) Catino draws on more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience. He leveraged his experience in business development to establish GigSmart, a mobile application that helps people find employment. Ted Catino’s GigSmart app provides job seekers with a simple platform to market their skills. 

After you build your profile, the GigSmart app displays the services you offer, the skills you possess, and the rate that you charge for your work. You may update your profile as often as you wish, which will enable you to immediately upload newly earned certificates or update the experience section. 

Moreover, GigSmart gives you complete control over the rates you want to charge. The app offers ease of use, ensuring that you receive immediate payment for your services with no additional fees. The profile database also offers you the ability to select jobs posted by other users without the need for interviews or job vetting processes.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Mason Food Pantry Relieves Food Insecurity through Pantry Store

An investment advisor and professional transition coach, Theodore “Ted” Catino is a cofounder of the GigSmart mobile app. Ted Catino formerly served as the CEO for Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation (SNAAC) in Ohio. Sold in 2011, SNAAC continues its work in the insurance industry and makes efforts to contribute to service member support and community organizations, including the Mason Food Pantry

With a focus on compassion and dignity, Mason Food Pantry helps families who experience food insecurity due to unemployment, homelessness, financial struggle, health issues, and other means beyond their control. The organization accepts donations of non-perishable foods, basic care items, and pet food. 

Donated items are placed within a public-access pantry, where families can shop for the supplies and food products that best suit their individual needs and family preferences. Open three days a week, the pantry is designed for convenience with items colorized and organized by category. Families who use the pantry purchase items using points distributed according to household size, and shoppers receive feedback on their remaining point value throughout their visit. 

To use the service, families must reside in the Mason City School District and provide proof of residency, including a Mason City school ID or current report card for school-aged children. Persons residing in a Mason motel must bring a current invoice during each visit.

GigSmart Offers Multiple Advantages for Independent Workers

In 2016, entrepreneur Ted Catino debuted the mobile app GigSmart to connect companies and gig workers on terms beneficial to both. Throug...